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November 10, 2011

^__^ -__-

this blog was like place to confront or confess anything that i feel but it doesnt mean i cam write all my secrets deep inside my heart...sometimes not all can be told easily to anybody, it need to be buried deep inside dear...

its already a month since mid nov 2011 ..owh how i miss them so much...oO0oooo..wawaaawaaawa

eventhough in 23 i'm think i still need them...feel like crying while writing this blog...

stress...crying..sadness...uploading their picture in this entry take longer tyme due internet was so 'cold' in this house......huuhuu

exam around the corner but realizing it doesnt make sense or change me...huhuhu poor me...

every thing need to keep buried inside as long as it did not cause a deepest cut in myself..

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